Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alex Meyerson remembering his mother

She was a tireless worker and I can remember her painting well into the night. She used to listen to the classical music, talk radio or the Yankee game. She always was at it. Her Work effort was epic and she honed her craft over many years.

Her paintings reflected a variety of subjects that where always in her thoughts. Themes included her childhood, marriage, family Judaism, and feminism. All the children and my father frequently appear in paintings as does the homes we lived in even our cats. She was also very interested in texture and incorporated wood an fabric. Painting was a constant in her life and I can't remember a time where she was not working away.  It seems to me that painting was the way, which she understood her self connected to her subconscious and communed with the spiritual. She was extremely curious and this is also in apparent in her work.

My mother’s artistic sensibility extended not only to here painting but also to almost everything she did. She was a master gardener and kept sketchbooks planning out her garden. On family vacations she kept graphic sketch journals. On an occasion she would even take a discarded piece of furniture and fix it up by repainting it in a new way.

Alex Meyerson